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Personalised, Time Efficient Indoor Cycle Training. Roll With Us - Get Results!

Book your ftp test! Classes are now available!

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Why Train With Us?


What our riders are saying -

"VeloFit has added structure to my training, and is giving me constant references to where my fitness is at & where I need it to be. It's great to not be training blindly, with my fingers crossed anymore" - Ryan Van De Pas. 

Results Based Cycle Training.

At VeloFit, we believe that indoor cycle training, is the safest & most effective way of realising your potential on a bike. Head trainer at VeloFit - David, experienced this first hand, with an impressive 35% fitness gain in 10 weeks! If your goal is to improve your fitness, and have the numbers to back up how you're feeling - this is the place for you! Climb easier, sprint faster, reach your goals - Train with us at VeloFit.

Here's why training with us is awesome -

  • Each class is tailored to your personal fitness level
  • Our workouts are time efficient - every hour on the bike is equivalent to two on the road
  • You'll feel fitness results in as little as 3 weeks - as reported by our regular riders
  • Our super engaging videos will draw you into the action, keeping your motivation high & the intensity just right 
  • You won't get left behind, or feel like you aren't keeping up
  • Our workouts are developed by highly skilled and experienced international cycle coaches
  • We have the very best hardware and software available
  • No rain, cars or punctures
  • Every class is monitored by a qualified personal trainer
  • NEW - Every session includes a stretching routine, after the video
  • So. Much. Data

We measure and record every aspect of your training, through an app on your mobile device.

What you can measure -

  • Time / distance
  • Pedalling Technique - Efficiency, L/R balance, Angles of peak force
  • Averages - Power, HR, Cadence, Power/kg, Speed
  • Peaks - Power, HR, Cadence, Power/kg, Speed
  • Revolutions made
  • Calories burned 
  • Graphical view of your pedal stroke
  • Graphical views of Power, HR & Cadence

“Train indoors without the Boredom associated with a turbo trainer”

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What is Velofit?

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Fresh MTB - BMX & Moto Trainer At VeloFit -

Indoor Cycle Training.

VeloFit Power Cycling Studio is the home of indoor cycling fitness in Tauranga. Rollin' with us is a fantastic way to increase your fitness, in a way that's tailored specifically to you. Our system allows each rider to follow the video based workouts, at their own fitness level, without the risk of overdoing it. Think of it like the next level of group cycling fitness - the gold standard, if you will. You can see exactly what effort you're putting in, how smooth you're pedalling and what your heart rate is doing - in real time. After the class, you walk away with all of your data, so you can compare yourself against previous efforts. Once you've been training with us for a bit, you can re sit the fitness test, to see how much you've improved, helping to keep the effort level correct for your fitness so you can keep improving. You don't need to be a cyclist to join in at VeloFit - all you need is the desire to take your fitness to the next level, while being able to monitor your progress. 

Fitness Testing -

Do you know how fit you really are? Taking one of our fitness tests, will not only give you a baseline to work from, but form the effort level you put in during the workouts. A re test will tell you exactly how much you've improved over your training period (and exactly how much you can brag to your riding buddies).

Power Cycling Classes -

We believe indoor cycle training is the best way to increase your fitness, without the impact and stress some other activities place on the body. Our cycle workouts are a fantastic return on your time, get in, get it done, get the results. You'll be able to focus on your intervals, and your form, and you'll know exactly what power and heart rate zones you're in for the entire ride. Every cycling workout is monitored by a qualified personal trainer, who's there to encourage you, help you engage the right muscles, and fill your water if you need it. After each cycle workout, we run through a series of stretches to help you remain free from injury, and aid the recovery process.  

Personal Strength & Conditioning Training -

Being the fastest you can be on a bike, takes more than just riding one. A balanced rider puts work into their muscular strength & endurance, along with their stability (core) system. If you ride off road (enduro for instance), your upper body will take a hammering. Talk to us about how we can get you into the best shape for you discipline, in our strength & conditioning gym.   

Rehab -

If you're injured in any way, our Wattbikes are a fantastic tool to help you either maintain your fitness, without the impact of other options (in the case of an upper body injury), or to get you moving again (in the case of a lower body injury). Say you've had a knee reconstruction, you'll want to know when it's getting closer to being as strong as the opposite joint. Easily track your progress with our comprehensive data, to ensure your left - right balance is improving.  

RipRow -  

We’ve just taken delivery of New Zealands ONLY RipRow full body fitness training unit & we’ve been given early access to it’s associated iPhone app. A RipRow is a push / pull standing row machine, which also challenges your balance - it tilts from side to side! This device has 12 levels of resistance, and works every part of your body - from your ankles and calves to your shoulders and arms! When combined in an interval program with a Wattbike, you’ll know you’ve done a great workout!

Introducing SUF Cycling - By The Sufferfest. Check out what it's all about.