$1 Watts - August 2018.png

$1 Watts - Whaaaaaat!!??


You Clearly Know A Deal, When You See It!

Nice work, you've taken the first step towards the gains you've always wanted.

So, you've seen our ad on Facebook, or Instagram - I hope you liked us while you were over there, we're about to become riding buddies. If you didn't, don't worry, I'll wait right here while you do...

My Invitation To You - 

Grab one of my VeloFit starter packages. This will give you access to the coolest training facility around & all the training goodness inside it, along with 1 x FTP Fitness Test & 10 SUF Cycling Workout Sessions with us. Once you've completed the 10 workouts with us, you'll be eligible for a special second FTP fitness test. This second FTP fitness test won't cost you the full whack, it'll be based directly on the gains you make over the 10 workout sessions. To sweeten this is a 'no lose' situation for you, this test won't cost you more than the full test fee of $50.00.

Watts (ahem..) What's it cost?

The VeloFit Starter Pack is $270.00, plus what your second test comes to. To get the initial test, and 10 sessions individually will normally run you $300.00... Add to that a retest @ $50.00, and - well, I'm sure you're smart enough for to add that up...

Sound good to you? Ready to roll with us?

Call or email David at VeloFit - Head HERE for the details. If you need more info, shout out and let me know. I'll be stoked to answer any of your questions, or just shoot the breeze.

Remember, this offer is for August 2018 only, so get cracking & give me a call!