About David & The VeloFit Story


Hi! I'm David - and yeah, I'm a bikeoholic…

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! I'm David - the Head Trainer / Directeur Sportif here at VeloFit - AKA the guy who helps you get the most out of your workouts, both in the weights area & on the bikes.

This isn't all there is to me however, as I'm sure that what you do for a living, isn't the thing that defines you as a human.

I'm a husband & dad, a plant fuelled athlete - mountain biker, Taupo challenger & Personal Trainer. My goal for the rest of 2018 is to put down 200km a week, on the Wattbike & my wheel bikes - competing in Taupo, Tour De Ranges, and a few other local events (peer pressure building to enter the K2...). Keep me honest, by following me on Strava... I really want to ride the Timber Trail this summer, so if anyone is keen, lets go hit it!

I don't view what I do with VeloFit as a job - I genuinely enjoy seeing others conquer their goals and reach towards their potential. If you've done something awesome, share it with me - I'll always have a high five or fist bump for you, along with words of encouragement.

VeloFit - How Did That Happen...?

VeloFit - Velo (n. Bike. origin Fr) Fit (adj. Fit(ness). origin En)

Well I'm stoked you asked, here's the story - I was training indoors for my first Taupo Challenge (160km) in 2017, yes - entirely indoors... I had a Tacx Vortex trainer (it's in the studio now), a Merida Scultura, a MacBook Pro & an external screen rigged to a lighting stand - playing The Sufferfest Training System. I was having a ball, and makin' those gains! In the back of my mind though, I was wondering if there was a place - a magical place - where I could train with other like minded folk, so training was a little more social. Such a place existed - In Auckland... Fail... To the drawing board I went - the idea for VeloFit had been formed! 

The main reasons I wanted to create a dedicated cycling studio were -

  • Safety - the roads can be a bit dangerous...
  • Community - like minded folk makes training more fun
  • Results - measurable results are important

I like to think I've been successful, in achieving these outcomes with VeloFit.

I knew I wanted this place to be a bit special, and only the best gear would do. Naturally, I wanted to use The Sufferfest Training System (now SUF Cycling) for the workouts. I just needed to sort out the tech for the bikes. After looking around and trying a couple of options, I selected the Wattbike - What a piece of kit! Accurate data, and a mobile app to boot! Perfect! Imported right up the road in Whakamarama as well! We're well supported by Wattbike here in NZ, and very proud to use their gear for our studio.

Along the training / VeloFit journey, my interest in health, fitness and nutrition developed - leading me to study personal training. So as it turned out, adding a weight training setup to the studio was just part of making VeloFit the best damn place to train as a cyclist! As a PT, I feel it's extremely important to monitor each rider from a safety perspective, so everyone has an enjoyable experience & returns home safely to their loved ones.

The doors at VeloFit opened in May 2018, and the response has been great! We've got a great core of riders, who are experiencing gains in their cycling, by training with data & purpose.

Come in for a peek, to see what we're up to & how we can help you to move towards your goals.

Ride Bikes, Enjoy Life.