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In The Zone - Fitness Testing

Begin your fitness journey with us here. 

Why We Fitness Test -

Each and every rider who attends our studio is fitness tested, for four main benefits.

1. Safety. Without the correct zone settings for our SUF Cycling workouts, it's pretty easy to get excited & overcook it. We have a safety first approach in the studio, so everyone is able to come back and do it all over again in their next session & reap the rewards, free from injury.

2. Benchmarking. In order to to measure your results over time, it's important to know where you're at with your fitness right from the start. We record your initial fitness data & re test every 6 - 12 weeks, to show you how much you're improving. As you get fitter, the workouts won't stress your body the same as they used to - They'll be a bit easy.

3. Intensity Setting. To get the most out of our SUF Cycling classes, you need to know what your zones are. Don't stress, it's easy to follow & everything gets explained as you go. Our videos work on an intensity scale from 2 - Couch, Beer, Pizza to 10 - Flat Out Sprint, EVERYTHING You Have. Of course, there are levels in between, each of them with a purpose for making you a stronger, faster, fitter rider.  

4. Goal Setting. Knowing how fit you are, allows you to set goals for where you see yourself in 12 weeks time. Having solid, SMART goals in place is a great motivator to put the work in, to achieve your desired outcome.

How We Fitness Test -

The Functional Threshold Power test, FTP for short, is regarded as the gold standard of cycling fitness testing. This is the test we use to get you rollin' here at VeloFit. The FTP test starts with a gentle 30 minute warmup, followed by a 20 minute hard effort, where you give it all you have. Your average power output over the 20 minute effort is taken from the Wattbike, 5% is removed from this figure & the result is your FTP. We then use this number to calculate your training zones. You won't be alone during this test. The SUF Cycling 'Rubber Glove' video will be playing, to keep you entertained & Head Trainer David, will be monitoring your output & helping you to pace your effort correctly.  

What You Get  -

Prior to the test, you'll fill in a pre screening form, and your blood pressure will be read, using an electronic wrist cuff. We'll set you up on the bike and record your settings, give you a bottle of water and the use of a towel (you'll need it) and guide you on the specifics of the test protocol. At the completion of the test, having just given your all, you'll receive your personalised FTP and training zones, for The SUF Cycling video training system. This information is presented on a card you can use during your future classes. The card also contains your bike settings, so you can easily set your bike up at your next session.