Group Fitness Training At VeloFit.

More Than Just Spin Classes…

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Group training sessions at VeloFit are broken into two categories - On the bike, or Off the bike.

Let’s start with a look at on the bike sessions.

Indoor cycling workouts are where it all began for VeloFit - we’re super passionate about them! Our dedicated cycle training area is spacious, uses top level equipment, provides real time feedback on your performance & is tailored to your specific fitness level. If you want to get fit, lose weight or get those feel good hormones flying around your body, while reducing impact on your joints - this is for you! Our group environment is capped at a max of 12 riders - It’s supportive, fun and full of people just like you!

Next, let’s look at off the bike sessions.

Off the bike, or circuit sessions at VeloFit are a fantastic way to build up your strength, endurance and have a great time too! Push yourself to complete as many circuits as you can, in the 45 minute session & finish off with 15 minutes of soothing stretching afterwards. Limited to 6 spots per group, you’ll be encouraged by coach David and coached on good form along the way, while awesome uplifting music sets the stage for your workout.


VeloFit group fitness session pricing.


Casual On The Bike Session $15.00 includes -

  • One session

  • Up to 12 riders

  • Bike

  • Towel & Heart Rate Monitor usage

  • 15 minute soothing stretch session

Casual Off The Bike Session $15.00 includes -

  • One session

  • Up to 6 people

  • 10 station full body workout

  • Form & Technique guidance

  • 15 minute soothing stretch session


Weekly Subscription $35.00 includes the above -

  • Any 3 group sessions per week

  • Exclusive Facebook group access

  • Free use of our coffee machine

  • Free piece of fruit after your session

  • 3 free guest passes per month