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Beginner riders, through to elite level athletes have the ability to improve their endurance, power & fitness on the bike with us. Train at your own personalised level while gaining valuable insight into your pedal stroke, heart rate & power output, during and after every session. Booking your fitness test is easy! Hit the button to the left, send us a message using the form below, or drop us a line on 021 409 997, to get started. We also run 30 min beginner sessions, so you can come and get a feel for what we do, without the pressure of a full on class.


Power Cycling Tests

$50 — FTP Fitness Test
$50 — UCI Power Profile Test


Power Cycling Classes

$25 — SUF Cycling Workout
$120 — 5 Class Concession
$225 — 10 Class Concession

Other VeloFit Services

$80 - 60 min Personal Training

$50 - 45 min Rehab

$25 - 60 min DIY Bike Workshop

$15 - 30 min Beginner Session


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