Pedal Efficiency Testing


How Efficient Is Your Pedal Stroke? 

One of the many metrics we can measure at VeloFit, is your Pedal Efficiency Score, or PES. This is a measure of how and where you're applying the power in your pedal stroke & how effective you are at using all 360 degrees of rotation.

Pedal efficiency is a hugely important part of modern cycling. If you can effectively use the whole rotation of the pedal stroke to transmit power, it can only make you a better, faster rider.

The Wattbike has the technology to measure your left / right balance, angle of force on the pedals, and measure your ability to use the whole pedal rotation to the best advantage. The Wattbike also gives you a score of your efficiency, so you can measure the work you've been putting in during your training sessions & show how you've improved.

We've developed a test at VeloFit, that when paired with a Wattbike, and its partner app - Wattbike Hub, will allow you to measure your improvements over time. As a part of the test, you receive a video, just like the one above.

Give us a call to book your PES consultation, get an idea of where improvements can be made, and start making those gains!