VeloFit Personal Training


Become the best cyclist you can be!

You train hard on the bike, putting in the hours either on the road, or on our Wattbikes in the studio. But... There's an area of your fitness you may have forgotten about - your strength in the gym. Don't feel bad, it's something MOST cyclists overlook.

Why work out in the gym?

Your body is a damn clever thing! It's going to adapt pretty quickly to the cycle training you're doing regularly. Which means you'll need to keep it guessing, and push it past where it's comfortable. By adding a little weight into your training, you'll build new muscle, become more resistant to fatigue on the bike & you'll become a more well rounded rider. Not to mention healthier, less stressed and more able to perform the daily tasks, you might already be struggling with.

I know what you're thinking - you don't want to hit the gym, because you'll add bulk and your watts/kg will suffer... It's not the case, when the weight training you're doing is tailored to your outcome, and formulated with your specific goals in mind. You think Froome, Sagan & Thomas skip the gym...?

I'm here to help!

Not only do I have an in-house PT studio here at VeloFIt, I also have the expertise to design an effective strength training programme for you. As a qualified Personal Trainer, I'm committed to helping you become the best rider you can be. A plan that's tailored to your specific goals, is the best way to see the results you're looking for. Let me help you develop into a better rider than you thought possible!

You may already have a gym membership elsewhere, which is great! But chances are, you're still using the same routine you were given at the start of your membership. Just like your cycle training, your body may have already adapted to what you've been doing. Time to freshen up the plan! 

Here's what I can do for you -

  • Consult with you, to get clear on your goals
  • Assess your body for movement
  • Design an effective weight training routine for you (to use at your current gym, or here at VeloFit)
  • Educate and guide you on correct technique, so you remain injury free
  • Guide you on how and when to progress your plan
  • Provide you with motivation and encouragement
  • Train you one on one in the VeloFit gym 

Let's talk -

Give me a shout to talk about what it is you want to achieve with your riding, and how strength work will complement your current training.