RipRow - The Full Body Workout!


Work Your Whole Body, On One Machine!

New Zealand’s only RipRow can be found right here at VeloFit! This amazing machine is one solid workout - part strength trainer, part endurance, part balance & a bit of coordination (as you can see in the video..) - it works your entire body & when paired with the training videos it’s addictive fun. Set your resistance level, start up the RipRow app on the attached iPhone & get ripping!

The number one question I get about the RipRow is -

What IS that thing!!??

Let me explain - The RipRow is a bi-lateral rowing machine, or in plain terms - a push / pull & rock machine. When you stand on the RipRow, it rocks from side to side - forcing you to balance & work your core & leg stabilising muscles. Grab the handle bars, and push them away from you, then pull them back - you can adjust the resistance of each of these motions independently, to suit your needs. The RipRow was developed to train mountain bikers, BMXers & MX riders - but it’s a great workout for anyone! Got kids you want to keep up with? Perfect! Want to tone your entire body in just a few 5 min sets? This is a great option! Want to develop your bike skills, off the bike? This is where it’s at!

Really want to take your fitness to the next level? Team the RipRow up with a Wattbike, and you’re on the road to your goal fitness, weight or shape!

Our combo workout - 10min warmup ramp on the wattbike - 5min RipRow skills drills - 5min sweet spot on the Wattbike - 5min RipRow Jagged Axe workout - 10min cruising on the Wattbike - 4min RipRow Boonbocks workout - 5min spin down on the Wattbike - 10min guided stretching.

Think this looks like a blast? Come and give it a go! Contact David to book a session.